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jonilicious's Journal

11 February
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I have blonde hair
I pluck my eyebrows
I have my father's nose
my mother's hands
I have straight teeth
and green eyes
I love music
I used to get sick alot
I like the color of wine
I've cheated on boyfriends
I've cheated on tests
But my hair is still blonde
and my eyes are still green
and I probably won't always like
the color of wine

I have big breasts
I have lips that always smile
I have veins that bleed
I laugh when I'm nervous
I feel the pain of others
but cry for no reason
I like open flame
I've been selfish since a child
I'm from Texas
but hate the heat
I've cheated on diets
I've faked applications
But I still bleed
and my lips still smile
and my breasts won't
always be firm

I have strong shoulders
I have olive skin
I have a Swiss face I
borrowed from my grandmother
I have short nails on my right hand
which I chew regularly
My little toe is strange
I write
I used to make wreaths from dandelions
I brush my hair before bed
I faked flirtatious accents
But I still have gold skin
and I probably won't always have
strong shoulders
and I may not always write
But maybe I'll start
making wreaths
from dandelions again...