Joni (jonilicious) wrote,

sometimes I want to get in the car, close my eyes and drive real fast... keep on going till I get someplace where I can truly rest. longtime, sunshine upon me.

Its sunny out, the birds are chirping and the breeze feels nice.

If I had my car here, I'd go outside and wash it.

Two people pulled over on the same night to look up at the same sky. And they both found their wheels were spinning in a soft shoulder when they both got back into their cars. And they missed fates appointed rendezvous. And then a whole lot of time went by. And then one day they were done worshipping the landscape and they just put down their heads and moved into the sky.

And they had barely said hello and it was time to say goodbye.


    For all of you who still have me on your journals after all this time, I have a new one, yes be very excited. BlondeSuicide x<3o

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