me oh my

fat_raunchy_slut75 joined the room
noisestodieby: hahahaa
noisestodieby: nice name
southerngal_042 waves hello to fat_raunchy_slut75 III

hey, who?


I just downloaded a beatles mp3, and turns out its the "BAroque Chamber Orchestra" doing some shitty school band sounding performance.

by the way I love you guys, and I'm still half alive.
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So there is a serial rapist in my town.
My side of town actually actually.
He has been attacking young blonde women.

He watches them... Watches them at night when they sleep.
Then breaks into their home usually through the garage and rapes them at 'knife point'.
There was a town meeting tonight actually, warning people, updating them, etc...
And I know this may sound silly, but I'm sort of freaked out. For one thing, I live in the area, and I'm a young girl with blonde hair. Also I have 4 windows in my bedroom, and none of them have curtains or blinds. Our garage doors don't have locks, neither does the door that enters the house through the garage

Hes a small man though, 130-150 pounds, I could take him.

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suuusan, I'm keeping this to read bout friends!

add me back :|


'**** wants to be singer so she is taking singing lessons. The only microphone she is going to ever sing into is the microphone in my pants. She is a fucking whore sucking off everyone in the band. We showed her how to blow our instruments'

how cold your body can be

I woke up at 8:20
with a raging... hangover.

nothing planned for today.

I'm dying my hair tonight though.


decisions, decisions...
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sometimes I want to get in the car, close my eyes and drive real fast... keep on going till I get someplace where I can truly rest. longtime, sunshine upon me.

Its sunny out, the birds are chirping and the breeze feels nice.

If I had my car here, I'd go outside and wash it.

Two people pulled over on the same night to look up at the same sky. And they both found their wheels were spinning in a soft shoulder when they both got back into their cars. And they missed fates appointed rendezvous. And then a whole lot of time went by. And then one day they were done worshipping the landscape and they just put down their heads and moved into the sky.

And they had barely said hello and it was time to say goodbye.


I just got home.

I'm drunk, pissed and disapointed.

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